2016 Crowne Plaza Venue
Hunter Meetings registration open. Venue - CROWNE PLAZA HUNTER VALLEY, Wine Country Drive, Lovedale.

Hunter Systems and Cell Meetings
The 2nd Hunter Systems Meeting begins on Monday, APRIL 11. The Hunter Cell Meeting begins with lunch on Tuesday, APRIL 12. Afternoon sessions Tuesday, dinner and Posters session are jointly shared by both meetings.

The National Imaging Workshop
The National Imaging Workshop is held over Wednesday afternoon: sessions and talks incl. the Imaging Plenary Lecture. Imaging demonstrations and Exhibition are held throughout the meeting. Book a time with the Exhibitors.


Hunter Week 2016
April 11-15, 2016 Systems | Cell Meeting and National Imaging Workshop

Flyer ~ Hunter Systems | Hunter Cell

Venue - Airport Bus
Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley. New Newcastle Airport shuttle.

on-Line Registration | Coach details

Varied Participation options. Fixed cell demonstrations. Imaging Workshop April 13.

Sponsors | Imaging Workshop